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Caring Endpoints

Caring Endpoints is a non-profit, wholly-owned subsidiary of Imaging Endpoints. Its purpose is to provide humanitarian support to the employees, consultants, and friends of the Imaging Endpoints family of companies across the globe. Additionally, Caring Endpoints will increasingly provide this support to the communities where Imaging Endpoints operates, particularly members of historically underserved groups. Presently, Caring Endpoints is developing and launching several programs and services:

  1. The Equality for Humanity Committee at Imaging Endpoints is a voluntary group of leaders that has actively sought to survey, learn from, and support the IE team through numerous programs designed to improve communication, inclusiveness, and equality for the Company’s diverse global team. The Committee will now expand its efforts by coordinating with Caring Endpoints to grow these internal programs while also reaching out to drive similar programs in the communities that IE serves.
  2. Clinical Endpoints is coordinating, securing and providing COVID vaccinations, antibody testing, and other COVID related services. As vaccination best practices evolve, including the need for boosters, Caring Endpoints is actively helping to ensure our staff and communities are able to be vaccinated in a secure and private environment through our Clinical Endpoints clinics.
  3. Caring Endpoints coordinates and encourages the employees, consultants, friends, and the communities we serve globally to provide financial contributions to this non-profit subsidiary of Imaging Endpoints, and IE and/or its executive team strives to match such contributions in order to provide assistance to our global staff when urgent situations arise.
  4. The Imaging Endpoints Team includes an impressive roster of radiologists, oncologists, neurologists, surgeons and other medical professionals that are each global experts in their respective disciplines. Caring Endpoints is currently creating and implementing the infrastructure to enable our participating medical experts to provide their expertise to our internal team and their families, as well as to our community members that meet the established criteria for humanitarian need.
  5. Imaging Endpoints is the largest oncology-focused iCRO in the world and thanks to its experience and reputation, the Company is uniquely situated to leverage its network to help connect patients to the best medical teams and/or available information for their unique situation when battling cancer. Caring Endpoints is currently establishing a means to work directly with patients that meet our humanitarian-effort criteria in order to help them navigate their fight against cancer.

Caring Endpoints is designed to be the heart of Imaging Endpoints and provide a means to care for our team and communities across the globe. This is a nascent effort that is newly launched and will continue to develop and expand its humanitarian capabilities and services. As programs become available additional information will be updated here. In the meantime, for more general information please contact, and for specific inquiries as to how Caring Endpoints may provide support in a specific circumstance, please contact

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