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Translational Services
Imaging Endpoints uses cutting edge imaging technology to assess the activity of experimental compounds in translational studies. Our value proposition is to design and conduct pre-clinical imaging trials that inform and support your product development while ensuring a critical translation of findings into the clinical trial environment. We evaluate the activity of experimental compounds using clinically relevant and translatable in vivo imaging methods.

Small Animal Imaging Capabilities
Special focus on translation from pre-clinical to clinical environment

Standard T1W and T2W sequences
Diffusion Weighted Imaging (DWI)
Perfusion Imaging (DCE MRI)
Hypoxia Imaging (BOLD MRI)
pH Imaging (CEST-MRI)
Spectroscopy (single and volume-based voxel analysis)
Inflammatory imaging with novel Fe Based MRI contrast agents
Redox Imaging with novel Gd Agents Dixon Weighted Images for Fat assessments
Special focus on Oncology and Neurology with additional novel agents

Anatomic assessments of tumor response
CT perfusion in tumors, tissues and myocardium
Volumetric CT assessments
Bone density and remodeling

Ultrasound-Bioluminescence Fusion Capabilities
Utilization of luciferase, eRFP and eGFP tagged cell lines
Tumor volume
Tumor perfusion
Tumor enhancement with novel ultrasound agents
Co localization of imaging signal

Assessment of tumor metabolism using FDG
Access to novel PET agents for oncology including FLT, Amino Acids, NaF, Fatty Acid, Choline, Hypoxia
PET/CT imaging with FDG and novel agents for receptor binding and occupancy
Cardiac Imaging for perfusion and viability
Skeletal imaging for bone metastasis
Assessment of therapeutic response using RADAR strategic Technologies for “go”, “no go”, “go where” decision making

In Vivo Techniques
Traditional s.c. tumor implantation
Orthotopic tumor implantation – pancreas, renal capsule, and cecum
Proficient in p.o., i.p., and i.v. dosing routes of administration
Traditional tumor volume caliper measurements

Please contact us for a list of our oncology models
Human cell line xenograft models: hundreds of models across virtually every cancer type
Patient-derived xenograft (PDx / Tumorgraft) models: >300 models across tumor types
Syngeneic models, Spontaneous tumor models, Bone metastases models

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