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Carlos Pineda, MA

Senior Director, Operational Compliance
Carlos Pineda, MA

Carlos brings twenty-three years of Quality experience in various manufacturing industries, including seven years in medical device and pharmaceuticals Quality Assurance, to Imaging Endpoints in his role as Senior Director, Operational Compliance. Skilled in the creation, implementation and maintenance of quality management systems, his most recent function was as the Clinical Products Team Quality Manager at Cardinal Healthcare. In that position, he was involved in the technology transfer of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Drug sponsored products from IND to full cGMP commercial production at numerous facilities across North America. Prior to his role with Cardinal Healthcare, Carlos was the Quality Assurance Manager at Zila, Inc. (NASDAQ: ZILA). Other accomplishments include development and deployment of ISO-9001 compliant quality systems for both Flexpak Corporation (medical device packaging) and Rhone-Poulenc Basic Chemicals (Rare Earth-based high-temperature magnet alloy manufacturing). Carlos received a Master of Arts in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Arizona and his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Arizona State University.

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