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David J. Marichal, R.T.(R)(CT)(MR), CIIP

VP, Innovation & Technology
David J. Marichal, R.T.(R)(CT)(MR), CIIP

David is charged with spearheading Imaging Endpoints’ Imaging Informatics and Information Technology initiatives through a combination of best practices and innovative thinking. Before joining the Imaging Endpoints team, David served for 13 years as Chief Technology Officer for Radiology & Imaging Specialists (RIS), a large radiology practice based in Lakeland, FL. In his tenure there, he introduced new technologies that streamlined operational efficiency, reduced costs, enhanced revenues and, most importantly, improved patient care. He created an enterprise imaging network spanning the west coast to the east coast, connecting multiple hospitals, clinics, and imaging centers and served as a technology consultant and leader to various partners and stakeholders in those facilities. David graduated from Lakeland Regional Medical Center School of Radiologic Technology and is currently a candidate for an Advanced Technology Degree with a concentration in Health Informatics at Florida Polytechnic University.

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