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Next-Generation Data Security, Storage, and Analysis

The safety and integrity of your data is our commitment to you. Imaging Endpoints uses fully validated and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant analysis and data storage/retrieval systems, protected by multiple electronic and environmental security layers.

The class-leading cloud computing infrastructure at Imaging Endpoints employs physical and logical safeguards, accessible only to authorized staff. We utilize a redundant high-speed private network that is continuously monitored for stability and security, and multiple backup solutions for network, power, and environmental controls ensure continuous operation. We provide additional security with onsite and geographically separated offsite backup systems, so your data remains safe in the unlikely event of a natural disaster. Our advanced cloud infrastructure also allows us to store your data in geographically segregated/isolated regions, should you require it.

Imaging Endpoints uses one of the most respected platforms in the industry for clinical trial-based project management, milestone tracking, and data collection/analysis/reporting. Our IT engineers have experience with the management, storage and protection of hundreds of Terabytes (scalable to Petabytes) of imaging data, giving Imaging Endpoints the capability of handling your data, regardless of the number of trials or size.

Imaging Endpoints is the leader in secure transmission, compliant analysis, and protected storage of your clinical trial data.

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