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Next-Generation Data Security, Storage, and Analysis

The integrity and safety of your data is our most important commitment to you. Imaging Endpoints’ state-of-the-art cloud-based infrastructure is perhaps the most modern and capable in the industry today. Imaging Endpoints (IE) is a leader in secure transmission, compliant analysis, and protected storage of your clinical trial data.

SECURITY: The class-leading cloud computing infrastructure that Imaging Endpoints provides to its customers has been designed and is in alignment with best security practices, regulatory and privacy requirements, and all applicable IT security standards, including ISO 27001. Our controls include physical and logical safeguards to protect your data’s privacy and security, following the Principle of Least Privilege (PoLP), restricting access to only those users with proper authorization. Your data is encrypted in motion or at rest using the highest industry standards. Our fully validated and compliant data receipt/storage/retrieval and analysis system is protected by multiple electronic and environmental security layers.

RELIABILITY: Our highly available, low latency, high-speed network is continuously monitored for quality, stability, and security so that we can provide superior performance to our end-users globally. Our global cloud infrastructure is designed and built at every level for redundancy and reliability with multiple backup solutions for network, power, and environmental controls to ensure uninterrupted operation and service delivery to our clients. We provide additional resiliency with in-zone and geographically separated backup solutions, so your data remains safe in the event of a natural disaster.

GLOBALITY: Our advanced infrastructure is built upon the largest global footprint of any cloud provider, spanning six continents, 24 geographic regions, including 245 countries and territories – allowing us to segregate/isolate your data geographically, should you require it. It also enables us to instantly scale up to meet the needs of our clients, wherever they may be on the planet. We store your data in an immediate access cloud environment during the clinical trial, and following study completion, when agreed upon with you, the data is transitioned to long term, secure cloud vault with half-day, one-day or two-day access options available.

NEXT GENERATION: Imaging Endpoints uses the most respected platforms in the industry for clinical trial-based project management, milestone tracking, and data collection/analysis/reporting. Our systems enable the most robust, efficient, and deep image analysis in the industry. Our team of industry leading IT engineers have designed IE’s systems with the ability to manage, store and protect Petabytes of imaging data. As one of the largest imaging CROs globally, there is virtually no limit to our ability to quickly scale while always providing the advanced scientific expertise and customized service that has helped to make Imaging Endpoints perhaps the fastest growing and most respected iCRO in the industry.

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