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3D Virtual Reconstruction Imaging

  • CT/MR 3D angiography of whole body imaging
  • Tumor measurement & early detection of HPB and lung cancer 3D imaging
  • CT and MR perfusion for stroke, brain tumors, Alzheimer Disease, epilepsy, vasospasm for hemorrhage
  • 3D virtual colonoscopy and bronchoscopy
  • CT cardiac / coronary analysis with EP planning
  • 3D volumetric on abdominal imaging including tumor mapping and pre-surgical planning
  • Quantitative image analysis for MRI prostate study
  • 3D evaluation of bony fractures, abnormalities
  • Fusion of multi-modality with PET exams
  • 3D/4D image processing for MRI breast, perfusion, breast density & tumor quantification
  • 3D GE AW/ Osirix, 3D Qi, Vital, 3D PixSpace
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