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Imaging Endpoints started out years ago by providing “deep analysis” on radiological scans to assist large and small pharmaceutical and biotech companies in figuring out “if and how” their agent was working. Since then we have become recognized for our imaging expertise and have assisted many companies if finding agent activity when traditional imaging failed to appropriately measure response.

In early phase trials, we deploy our expertise and technologies in a fully compliant environment and are able to develop, test and validate novel imaging methodologies – in order to meet the requirements of late-stage trials if needed.

Our projects range from macrophage imaging to radio-genomics (linking imaging with genomic data) and include quantification of heterogeneity, perfusion, hypoxia and other biological changes from standard-of-care scans. We have salvaged early Phase studies through retrospective analysis and have assisted companies in identifying imaging biomarkers.

Please read about our specialized services and contact us to learn how we can apply our deep expertise and novel imaging technologies to assist you in your drug development program.

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