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One Expert from Early- through Late-Stage Trials


  • We provide comprehensive imaging services and technology solutions throughout the clinical trial process.
  • Our experience spans hundreds of successful trials, including some of the most high-profile global registration trials and novel new drug approvals in the industry.
  • Global leader in real-time image receipt, query management and reads from hundreds of sites in over thirty-five countries.
  • State-of-the-art cloud-based systems enable us to provide real-time reads for rapid decisions.


  • We integrate more powerful imaging technologies into clinical studies.
  • Our advanced imaging helps identify biological activity where traditional imaging fails.
  • Pioneer and global leader in customized criteria, advanced imaging, biomarker development, radiomics and artificial intelligence.
  • Pioneer and global leader in unique imaging such as: tumor microenvironment imaging, molecular imaging, 3D virtual reconstruction imaging and theragnostic development.



REAL-TIME READS: Imaging Endpoints leverages its global infrastructure to provide real-time read results to sponsors and their clinical sites in over 35 countries. Each month the Company performs thousands of…   Read More

Leading Globality

LEADING GLOBALITY: Imaging Endpoints’ new cloud-based infrastructure spans 6 continents and 24 geographic regions that include 245 countries and territories — allowing us to narrowly segregate/isolate your imaging data geographically…   Read More


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