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Ron Korn

Ron Korn, MD, PhD

Founder and Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Korn is one of our most recognized board-certified and fellowship-trained radiologists. A scientist at the core, he completed a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Molecular Biology at Albert Einstein…   Read More

Doug Burkett

Doug Dean Burkett, PhD

Chief Executive Officer and President

Doug has launched, led and grown publically traded pharmaceutical and biotech companies and brings a wealth of business experience to our team. His experience in drug and device development, global…   Read More

Manny Ramirez

Manny Ramirez, RAC

Chief Compliance and Regulatory Affairs Officer

Manny brings years of established experience in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device industries to his role as the Chief Compliance and Regulatory Affairs Officer. Adept at leading management teams in…   Read More

Jatinder Kaur

Jatinder Kaur, MS

Executive VP of Imaging Operations

Jatinder is the Executive VP of Imaging Operations at Imaging Endpoints and brings with her years of operational and technical expertise. Prior to joining Imaging Endpoints, Jatinder was the Vice…   Read More

David Marichal

David J. Marichal, R.T.(R)(CT)(MR), CIIP

Vice President, Innovation & Technology

David is charged with spearheading Imaging Endpoints’ Imaging Informatics and Information Technology initiatives through a combination of best practices and innovative thinking. Before joining the Imaging Endpoints team, David served…   Read More

Virginia O’Malley

Virginia O’Malley, Esq.

VP, General Counsel

Virginia has been a practicing attorney for over 34 years with significant experience in a broad range of practice areas including procurement, contracts, employment, administrative and regulatory law, and litigation.…   Read More

Donnell Charmichael

Donnell Carmichael, Psy.D

Vice President, Clinical Research Operations

Donnell brings over 18 years of clinical research experience across a wide variety of therapeutic areas, including Alzheimer's Disease, Mild Cognitive Impairment, Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy, Sleep Disorders, Parkinson's Disease, Major…   Read More

chris diani

Christopher Diani

Vice President, Data Management

Christopher brings a wealth of expertise to Imaging Endpoints with more than 19 years of clinical data management experience in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry, including 18 years of…   Read More

Hal Siegel

Hal Siegel

Senior Director of Medical and Scientific Affairs

Hal Siegel provides extensive scientific affairs expertise as the Senior Director of Medical and Scientific Affairs at Imaging Endpoints. Previous positions have included Vice President and FDA liaison at ImmuneRegen…   Read More

Carlos Pineda

Carlos Pineda, MA

Senior Director, Operational Compliance

Carlos brings twenty-three years of Quality experience in various manufacturing industries, including seven years in medical device and pharmaceuticals Quality Assurance, to Imaging Endpoints in his role as Senior Director,…   Read More

Elsa Griffith

Elsa Griffith

Executive Director, Imaging Operations

As Executive Director of Imaging Operations, Elsa provides strategic direction to the operations department, mentors and leads the clinical operations team, and ensures adherence to quality management practices. With nearly…   Read More

Guadalupe Sallas

Guadalupe Sallas

Director, Compliance and Regulatory Affairs

Guadalupe brings more than 30 years of compliance experience in Pharmaceutical and Medical Device industries as Director of Compliance and Regulatory Affairs. Guadalupe is responsible for the establishment, maintenance and…   Read More

Angela Becker

Angela Becker

Associate Director, Proposals and Contracts

With over 10 years of project management experience, Angela is responsible for the proposal and contract process, coordinating with Business Development, Operations, Medical and Scientific Affairs, Finance, and Compliance and…   Read More

Samira Farough

Samira Farough, MD

Director of Medical Review

As Director of Medical Review, Samira is responsible for central reader management including coordinating the onboarding of central readers and coordinating and providing general and study specific trainings for central…   Read More

nathalie faye

Nathalie Faye, MD, Ph.D

Senior Scientist

Dr. Faye, MD, Ph.D. is a board-certified radiologist with over 10 years of experience in imaging for clinical trials with the biopharmaceutical industry. Prior to joining Imaging Endpoints, Dr. Faye…   Read More

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