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Doug Dean Burkett, PhD

Chief Executive Officer and President
Doug Dean Burkett, PhD

Doug has launched, led and grown publically traded pharmaceutical and biotech companies and brings a wealth of business experience to our team. His experience in drug and device development, global clinical trials, and contract research services enables us to provide our clients with a customized service-level that is unparalleled in the industry. Prior to joining Imaging Endpoints, Dr. Burkett cofounded Champions Oncology, Inc. [OTCBB: CSBR] and as CEO/President he established a drug development business, a novel personalized oncology business, and the first patient-derived xenograft CRO business that has attracted nine of the top ten pharmaceutical and biotech companies as customers. Prior to Champions Oncology, Dr. Burkett was Chairman, CEO and President of Zila Inc. [NASDAQ: ZILA] where he was inventor in six patents for early detection of squamous cell cancer, led a successful effort to obtain FDA approval of the world’s first oral cancer screening product and repositioned Zila as a growth leader in the professional oral care marketplace. Doug started his career by obtaining a PhD. in Chemistry from the Cancer Research Institute at Arizona State University where he developed and tested anticancer drugs in collaboration with the National Cancer Institute.

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