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New Frontiers in Oncology Imaging

With the future of healthcare trending toward personalized medicine, oncology has seen big changes. The fusion of personalized medicine with new therapeutics, imaging, and biomarker development is directing us into an advanced realm of healthcare delivery.

With these exciting new technologies comes a responsibility to accurately and precisely measure their effects. Each and every data point counts and is critical for successful trial completion, from Phase 0/I through Phase III and FDA submission.

At Imaging Endpoints, our scientific and radiologic capabilities assure the appropriate use of imaging technology while preserving the integrity of your clinical trial. Our team of project managers and board-certified, fellowship-trained radiologists and nuclear medicine physicians have been successfully involved in all aspects of the core lab pathway, from protocol design to study closure.

Our radiologists are currently performing reads on over 100 clinical trials, of which more than 60 are oncology trials. We are providing real-time reads for Phase I and II trials as well as large, global Phase III trials. Our oncology trained radiology specialists, as well as a network of world-renown board-certified oncologists, are always readily accessible to you as frequently and intensively as required for the success of your clinical trial.


Exclusive to Imaging Endpoints

  • Quantitative Textural Analysis (TexRAD)
    • Quantitate biology of response (i.e. heterogeneity, perfusion, hypoxia, etc.)
  • Radiogenomic Analyses
    • Link imaging with genomics for non-invasive determination of genomics on every lesion
  • Macrophage Analysis


  • RECIST (1.0, 1.1)
  • WHO criteria
  • mRECIST, RANO, Macdonald
  • PERCIST criteria for PET response
  • EORTC criteria for PET response
  • CHOI criteria for response to tumors
  • Immune Related Response Criteria (IrRC)
  • Pseudo progression measurements


  • Tumor volume-based on CT, MRI
  • Tumor metabolic volume-based on PET/CT
  • Tumor density
  • Tumor Perfusion and Diffusion


  • Perfusion measurements (PET, DCE-MRI and CT)
  • Metabolic and proliferation (PET/CT-FDG and FLT)
  • Tumor Hypoxia (F-MISO) and BOLD-TOLD Imaging
  • Apoptosis (soon to be released)
  • Tumor associated macrophage imaging
  • pH imaging with CEST-MRI


  • PET/CT-multiple radiopharmaceuticals
  • MRI-DCE, ADC, anatomical, spectroscopy
  • CT-Perfusion, anatomica
  • Breast-based imaging modalities: MRI, digital mammography, ultrasound, tomosynthesis, Positron Emission Mammography (PEM)
  • US
  • Angiography
  • X-ray
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