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Imaging Endpoints Continues Global Expansion

Leading Oncology iCRO Establishes European Office in Basel, Switzerland

Scottsdale, Arizona, August 10, 2021 – Imaging Endpoints (IE) announced today that it has established a new office location in Basel, Switzerland as part of its continuing global expansion into Europe and Asia. The new office is located in the Vorstaedte District of Basel, strategically located in this busy district with close proximity to its client base.

The Company now has six offices worldwide, with two locations in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, and locations in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA; Hyderabad, India; Leiden, Netherlands, and Basel, Switzerland. Additional offices in Shanghai, China and London, UK are expected to also open later this year.

Imaging Endpoints is the largest oncology-focused imaging CRO (iCRO) globally and has been the fastest-growing iCRO over the last decade due to its focus on leading the industry in radiology science, technology, and regulatory compliance. Imaging Endpoints is well-recognized for its involvement in the regulatory approval for some of the industry’s largest and most complex trials, as well as many early phase trials, and is known for its impeccable quality and compliance record.

“We are excited to be opening our new office in Basel, Switzerland, and to be working even more closely with our European clients and the hundreds of European sites that we already serve,” said Doug Burkett, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer and President. “This expansion is part of our larger strategy and is designed to further enhance our global services. We are thankful to our dedicated and expert global team, and the amazing success they are achieving as we work toward our mission of Connecting Imaging to the Cure™.”

The Company works with nearly all imaging sites globally that participate in clinical trials and is expanding its presence in Europe to facilitate closer relationships with its European clients, as well as closer management of European imaging sites. Imaging Endpoints’ new office in Basel, Switzerland, coupled with its office in Leiden, Netherlands, enables project managers, radiology technologists and other key project team members to work real-time with their European counterparts. The Basel office also positions Imaging Endpoints within one of the world’s most prominent and popular hubs for pharmaceutical research.

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