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Imaging Endpoints Expands Research Services

Global Imaging Leader Formally Launches Research Endpoints

March 31, 2021 – Scottsdale, Arizona – Imaging Endpoints (IE) announced today that it has formally established Research Endpoints, LLC, as a new wholly-owned subsidiary to manage the extraordinary demand for its exploratory imaging research and biomarker discovery business.

Imaging Endpoints supports all phases of clinical development and is an industry leader in global registration trials, having supported many recent new drug approvals. IE also maintains a leading position in early drug development and exploratory research, with unique services such as quantitative textural analysis, radiomics and artificial intelligence. By formalizing Research Endpoints as a stand-alone subsidiary, the company is facilitating further growth of its cutting-edge research services.

Imaging Endpoints and Research Endpoints share the same executive leadership and Scientific Advisory Board while optimizing customized services and cost structures through separate scientists, operations team members, procedures, and global cloud infrastructures. This enables Research Endpoints to focus on performing consultancy and high-tech imaging research that inherently requires less regulatory rigor, while Imaging Endpoints performs imaging core lab studies where its industry-leading Quality Management System has a perfect record for regulatory inspections by FDA, EMA and PMDA.

“We are pleased to provide top-level radiology research and discovery to support drug development. Since the early days and founding of radiomics in which IE was actively involved, we have remained committed to advancing the science of radiology through our research department,” said Ron Korn, MD, Ph.D., Chief Medical Officer. “The formation of Research Endpoints is yet another example of our desire to ensure that our sponsors, partners, investigators, and patients continue to benefit from our industry-leading science and analytics.”

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