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Imaging Endpoints Exploring Coronavirus Imaging

Imaging Endpoints announced today that they are exploring ways to offer their centralized, global imaging capabilities and radiomics technology to help improve diagnosis and management of Coronavirus on a global scale. The Company’s unique cloud-based system enables it to receive patient’s imaging (Chest CT scans as example) from hospitals and patient care facilities in virtually every country globally and perform real-time analysis in a standardized manner. Within the clinical trial environment, the Company is preparing to deploy a specialized assessment through its Mint Lesion analysis platform that is specifically designed to thoroughly evaluate and standardize the Coronavirus assessment on CT scans. Imaging Endpoints’ unique cloud-based infrastructure enables its credentialed physicians from anywhere in the world to log-in and either perform or view the analysis and learn from data collected globally on the virus. Imaging Endpoints also hopes to deploy its advanced radiomic and AI technology to search for imaging patterns that may help to better diagnose and monitor the virus. Please stand by for more news as the Company works to rapidly contribute to this global problem per its mission to Connect Imaging to the CureTM.

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