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Imaging Endpoints Recognizes Gynecologic Cancer and Ovarian Cancer Awareness Months

September 14, 2021 – September is Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month and Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. These awareness moments bring particular focus to the important issues of women’s health.

Gynecological cancers are known for their poor contrast resolution compared to surrounding tissues on CT imaging. As a result, because of its inherent superiority in providing soft-tissue contrast resolution when compared to other imaging modalities, MRI is currently the optimal modality for imaging of gynecological tumors, from local staging to delineating tumor from adjacent tissue and tumor response evaluation. Additionally, functional MR imaging, including diffusion-weighted, provides critical insight into tumor cellularity, vascularity and viability, allowing MRI to be used for treatment planning during radiation therapy.

By combining anatomic information and functional information about the metabolic properties of a tumor, hybrid imaging technologies such as FDG PET/CT, and more recently PET/MRI, have become key imaging components of the management of patients with gynecological malignancies. Whereas PET/CT remains a modality of choice for staging locally advanced cervical cancers, the tremendous potential of PET/MR in gynecological cancer imaging relies on its ability to combine the high resolution and tissue differentiation of MRI and the high specificity of PET imaging.

Imaging Endpoints is focused on Connecting Imaging to the CureTM by utilizing our novel imaging technologies and 100s of globally recognized expert clinical trial radiologists, oncologists, surgeons and other U.S. based medical specialists and scientists to help clinical researchers identify and validate potential treatments and therapies.

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