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The Heart of Imaging Endpoints; Superior Standardization and Analysis

Cardiovascular endpoints are critical in clinical trials, and accurate, reliable, and timely data couldn’t be more crucial. Cardiovascular imaging modalities can assist with detecting abnormalities in blood flow, function and cardiotoxicity, and imaging endpoints are fundamental to determining the success of multiple types of new pharmaceuticals and interventional medical devices.

Imaging Endpoints provides the highest quality imaging by standardizing acquisition among clinical sites and provides expert analysis from experienced radiologists who are specialty trained in cardiovascular imaging.

We have access to some of the best and most sophisticated image analysis tools for cardiovascular research. Through our suite of 3D reconstruction tools, advanced post-processing techniques, and multiple quantitative measurement tools, we can deliver the precise results you need to accelerate your success.

Imaging Endpoints has a team of specialists in cardiac imaging on staff, including cardiac/thoracic, vascular and interventional radiologists who are available to assist in consultations and reading services. Additionally, we have access to a panel of expert cardiologists with vast experience in clinical research who are also willing to assist with your trial’s needs, whether in a consultative capacity or in analyzing cardiac efficacy or safety data for your study.


Qualitative measures

  • Cardiac MRI myocardial perfusion
  • PET perfusion
  • Coronary artery analysis for coronary artery disease and anomalous vessels
  • Pulmonary venous mapping
  • Calcium score analysis
  • 3D reconstruction images of vessels
  • Valve function

Quantitative measures

  • IMT
  • Minimal lumen diameter
  • % stenosis
  • Lesion length
  • Plaque volume
  • Plaque color coding
  • Ejection fraction


  • Cardiac MRI, coronary MR angiography
  • Calcium scoring, coronary CT angiography, CT aortography
  • Nuclear medicine-SPECT, MUGA
  • PET/CT-FDG for viability, 82-Rb for perfusion
  • Ultrasound: venous, Doppler
  • Echocardiography
  • Angiography-DSA, QCA, venography
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