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Imaging Expertise and Technology

Our 40+ in-house radiologists include world-renowned experts that apply cutting-edge imaging technologies to identify and quantitate response. If there is a biological change we can measure it – and we validate the novel imaging methodologies applied to your project. Our experts assist you in regulatory submissions and in garnering support from regulatory authorities so that novel imaging can be utilized as an endpoint in late Phase clinical trials.

We also offer comprehensive radiotracer development services and unparalleled PET imaging expertise.

Customized Service Excellence and Real-Time Reads

Our skilled, experienced and high-level project teams consist of project managers and radiology technologist with vast experience in both early and late-stage trials. We maximize efficiency and avoid costly data errors/loss through superior process management. Our Imaging Clinical Trial Management System (iCTMS) and reporting processes enable us to make your job easy by providing the real-time information you need in the format you want. Our services are tailored to match your project’s unique objectives, timelines and budgets while providing the agility needed in a clinical trial partner.

Our 40 in-house radiologists and around-the-clock services enable us to provide economical real-time reads.

  • Real time image receipt, processing, QC, query management and metrics reporting enables us to track each clinical site’s performance to catch problems and retrain sites real-time to ensure protocol compliance! And we work relentlessly in cooperation with the site staff to resolve queries until the query is resolved.
  • Real-time centralized eligibility reads help prevent the inappropriate enrollment of subjects who do not meet the inclusion criteria by radiologic means. In many clinical trials, a significant percentage of subjects are enrolled without radiologic evidence of measurable disease if real-time, centralized eligibility reads are not performed.
  • Real-time centralized response reads prevent informative biases whereby the local radiologist believes that there is PD but the imaging core lab cannot confirm (Clin Cancer Res. 2013; 19(10):2607-12). As a result, subjects may be inappropriately withdrawn from a trial leading to loss of precious data and resources. We recommend that real-time reads be incorporated into clinical trials, especially if pseudo-progression may occur.

We perform real-time reads at the same price that many of our competitors charge for batch reads. And we work with you to establish the metrics you require for your trial while guaranteeing that those metrics will be achieved!

We have a remarkable track record for customer satisfaction; all clients that have utilized our services have continued to use us in their subsequent studies and trials. The continued success of our business depends on the success of yours, so we strive to work with you in a climate of collaboration and long-term partnership. We will make sure that we not only meet your needs but exceed your expectations.

Clinical Site Services

In addition to full imaging services, we offer full clinical site services. In early-stage studies, our close proximity and affiliation with Scottsdale Healthcare and SMIL enable us to set up the entire clinical study including protocol development, site setup and management, rapid patient enrollment and study closeout/reporting. This enables us to be “hands-on” with clinical trials that involve complex imaging so that we can personally oversee, and ensure performance, for every aspect of the trial – while still maintaining complete independence for readers and other staff to ensure blinded and fully compliant centralized reads.

For both early and late phase clinical trials, we are typically one of the highest enrolling clinical sites globally!

Client References

Imaging Endpoints works with some of the largest pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies as well as many medium and small companies. Some of our clients have had the opportunity to evaluate our services vs. several of the largest imaging core labs. We are pleased to be able to provide excellent references.

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