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Use of Precision Imaging in the Evaluation of Pancreas Cancer


Pancreas cancer is an aggressive and fatal disease that will become one of the leading causes of cancer mortality by 2030. An all-out effort is underway to better understand the basic biologic mechanisms of this disease ranging from early development to metastatic disease. In order to change the course of this disease, diagnostic radiology imaging may play a vital role in providing a precise, noninvasive method for early diagnosis and assessment of treatment response. Recent progress in combining medical imaging, advanced image analysis and artificial intelligence, termed radiomics, can offer an innovate approach in detecting the earliest changes of tumor development as well as a rapid method for the detection of response. In this chapter, we introduce the principles of radiomics and demonstrate how it can provide additional information into tumor biology, early detection, and response assessments advancing the goals of precision imaging to deliver the right treatment to the right person at the right time.

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